Common issue faced by WordPress bloggers is time taken to load a blog over internet. Many blogs contain pictures or themes that are loaded from PSD files. Generally all PSD files must be converted into some acceptable formats like jpeg, bmp or png so that image compression will be ambient. But there are chances that

Many people have started converting their old file formats into new ones because of technology updates. People who were using the PSD have also started converting their PSD files to the WordPress themes. The software that helps to convert the PSD to WordPress theme are very user friendly and a person can get his required

Conversion softwares are very useful. A person can make use of the conversions software only if he knows the file format of the file that he wants to convert. There are many people who convert the PSD to WordPress format, for commercial purposes. There is so much free software available online with which a person

While trying to use images in the form of PSD, WordPress will not accept it. The reason is that PSD files are huge in size. When such huge PSD images are made as themes for WordPress, then time taken to load such big images will be high. There also possibilities that blog may be considered