There are certain commands and things that needed to be followed carefully while converting PSD to HTML. A text box cannot be sliced, as it is not SEO friendly. The images should be small in the webpage and the color combination has to be perfect, because of which RGB is preferred than CYMK. Another important

In order to build an attractive and meaningful website that involves Photoshop design, there are few essential things that are needed to be done. A good programmer who can convert PSD to Drupal theme is mandatory, for the job is very challenging. Then the next important things is to come up good content which includes,

When speaking of good Content Management System with all the necessary features, the Drupal would be the primary suggestion of any knowledgeable programmer. The faultless pluggable modules of Drupal allow a programmer to handle anything like company intranets, social networking sites, forums and many more very easily. Even with all its advantages of Drupal, the